Coleco Table Hockey Club

Table hockey today 2008 to 2018

 Our Table hockey club is currently playing out of Grimsby Ontario, but the league started with Mike Chorko, Noel Dwyre, Harvey Yee, and Shawn Redmond in Victoria BC.
Mike Chorko was a member of the 80s leagues in Hamilton and was always a contender to win the Championship.
Noel Dwyre was from Ottawa, Ontario and came from his own league called the St.Lawrence Table Hockey Association.
Harvey Yee was a Stiga Table Hockey player in the Vancouver Table Hockey league.
Shawn Redmond, five time 80's league champion in Hamilton, Ontario.  
Because there was such a small number of players at the start of this season, it was decided to have one tournament each calendar season (winter, spring, summer, fall) Noel Dwyre started things off by beating Shawn for the winter title and Mike for the spring title of 2008. In April 2008 Shawn began training a fifth member, Diana Tarsitano to prepare her for the next meeting in the Summer. Diana would join them for the Summer season and played well enough to make it to the playoffs. But once again Noel won the final beating Shawn and went on to do it one more time in the Spring sweeping all four titles in 2008.
In the winter of 2009 Steve Klump from Ottawa Ontario joined us & played very well. Shawn defeated Noel to win the 2009 Winter final, followed by Harvey Yee defeating Shawn in the Spring 2009 final.  
During our 2008 & 09 season our Victoria club  joined & made a division in the Vancouver table hockey league where Mike Chorko won the Championship in a 4 game sweep! The league was a good size with 10 members who played 100 games each plus play-offs over a 6 month span.  
Warren Klotz from Vancouver made the trip to the Island to join us for our Summer 2009 Invitational. He brought along his high powered offense but lost to Shawn in the finals.  
In our final meeting of 2009 (the Fall Invitational) the regular 5 were all in attendance. Mike had the best day of our modern era going 10-0 on the day including the final over Harvey.
In our Winter 2010 meeting Mike Chorko won another 9 in a row to make it to the championship, only to lose in the finals to Shawn Redmond.
In our Spring 2010 meeting we had a new member join us, Torrey Owen. We had a good competetive day which led to Shawn and Noel in the championship. Shawn won the championship game 10-3.  
Our very hot summer meeting had two old rivals Mike and Shawn meeting in the Finals again. Shawn finished as the champion beating Mike who had just went undefeated in the round robin for the thrid time in a row. In Torrey's second meeting with us he improved from a winless first meeting to four wins this time around. His father also joined us, winning four games on the day. Noel's girlfriend Sarah finally joined us after playing for two years in the St.Lawrence table hockey league, and she fought hard til the end.
In our final meeting of 2010 Shawn beat Harvey in the final 10-8 to sweep all four meetings of the year. Also Ron Sandor joined us for the day and we hope to see him in 2011.
Shawn won his fifth championship in a row , the Winter 2011. And for the second time in a row he beat Harvey in the finals.  
We were joined by Matt Ross from Vancouver for our spring 2011 meeting. Matt finished third place going 8-4 before knocking second place Shawn out of the semi- finals by two goals. He then went on to beat Harvey Yee in a close scoring final, 10-9.
 For the summer 2011 tournament Harvey made it to the finals for the fourth straight time but lost to Shawn in the end. Ron Sandor also won his first game.
In the Fall of 2011 Harvey went to his fifth straight championship but once again was defeated by the Islanders played by Shawn.
As of 2012 we decided to play one championship a year instead of four. In 2012 Harvery Yee finally broke his losing streak and beat Mike Chorko in the Championship.
In 2013 Harvey Yee wins his second championship in a row , this time beating Shawn.
Our club has now moved to Ontario & for 2014 through 2016 we have joined the NTHL. The NTHL plays in Toronto Montreal Quebec City New York City Chicago  & Detroit. The 2014 , 2015 & 2016 champion is Carlo Bossio.
In 2017 we reboot the league as we went back to our smaller local CTHC league with 6 members.
Shawn beat Diana in the final and the other all new members of the club are Dave Kraling, Dennis Daca, Hayden Daca & Kenny Campos.