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  These are the Coleco records of the top 8 Coleco players in BC from 2008 through 2013

 Member GPWins Loses  Win Pct.
 Shawn Redmond Islanders346226120.653
 Mike Chorko Maple Leafs25916495.633
 Harvey Yee Canucks333164169.492
 Noel Dwyre Oilers313146167.466
 Diana Tarsitano Sabres29398195.334
 Warren Klotz Flames1198930.747
 Matt Ross Whalers1067036.660
 Dominic Froome92 49 43.532






 Noel dominated 2008 winning all 4 seasons to start the new CTHC.

His strength was finding your weakness & exploiting it. If he found a weakness in your defence he would light you up bad & if he could read you on offence he would shut you down!

 4 Championships








 From 2009 through 2011 Shawn won 9 out of 12 Championships & never missed the playoffs in all 19 events.

 It was 50/50 when it came to his game. He either was the guy to beat or on other days, just happy to be there.

 9 Championships









Harvey's game started slow because he didn't practice much. But once he got warmed up look out he was a force. Harvey would play .500 through the round robin part of the tourney only to find his game right before the playoffs started & then put a hurt on you before you saw it coming!

3 Championships






Mike was one of the most consistent players that you could find when looking at the top of the standings. But every time it looked like he wasn't going to challenge for a title that's when he got real good.

After having a bad summer in his 2009 showing he bounced back with a undefeated fall 2009 win. He also finished his 08-09 VTHC regular season going 1-7 only to destroy everyone in the playoffs going 12-3 & winning its championship.

 2 Championships



 Matt had a calm smooth style that at first you would think wont be a problem. But all he seem to do as each game went on was calculate a strategy that found a way to win.

Behind by 3 goals in our spring 2011 playoffs & again in the final Matt found a way to reverse the game & win it all!

 1 Championship







Never played table hockey before 2008 & is now according to Carlo "the King" Bossio the best female Coleco table hockey player he has ever played.

Diana was able to beat the best of BC in table hockey & in her first tourney in Montreal beat the currently ranked 8th player! 








  The most relentless table hockey player in BC! Attack attack attack. The only way anyone in BC could beat this guy was hope he was off his game a little, play the best game you could imagine & hope the puck bounces your way.

Warren had the best winning pct% at .747 but you would swear it was .900 . He seemed to walk away from tourneys with records that looked more like 18-2.





 This is the guy you want in your league. He's very competitive & will give you 100% when behind the rods.

If you get to play him on your own table hockey game & you play great you may beat him by a goal if your lucky. Play him on his home board & your going to lose by 3 or 4.