Coleco Table Hockey Club


Our first league started in Hamilton,Ontario back in October of 1983, and ran for seven consecutive seasons ending in March 1987. Each season lasted six months with each member playing approximately 40 games plus playoffs if the member finished in the top 8. 
The members of the original league included the following,
Shawn Redmond ISLANDERS (5 time Champion) 95% Winning Pct.
Mark Doyle FLAMES (1984 Champion) 80% Winning Pct. 
Chris Pegg FLYERS (1986 Champion) 75% Winning Pct.
Mike Chorko MAPLE LEAFS (2 time Finalist) 85% Winning Pct.
Paul Jennings CAPITALS (Finalist) 65% Winning Pct.
Gary Hemmings BLACK HAWKS (Finalist) 70% Winning Pct.
Scott Edwards BRUINS 60% Winning Pct. 
Joey Roy SABRES 55% Winning Pct.
Jesse Morris NORTH STARS 55% Winning Pct.
Tom Sabb CANADIENS 55% Winning Pct.
Tracey Redmond OILERS 55% Winning Pct.
Rick Pegg JETS 55% Winning Pct.
Wade Perniac RED WINGS 55% Winning Pct.
In the 80's other players came & went during the 7 seasons but were never able to beat the players listed above so they are not shown on the list. Also all players listed above had beaten at least one of the 3 champions during the 7 seasons.
Check out the current events page for current league history.